PuTTYTabManager – Managing Multiple and Concurrent Connection Session in the PuTTY


The PuTTYTabManager is an interactive application which enables one to easily manage the various concurrent connection sessions of the PuTTy. The famous ones like SSH client and Telnet can easily help in running more than a single session, but it is done only in separate windows. This can be quite inconvenient for some of the users. The tool helps in overcoming the inconvenience which always lays with the famous SSH client and Telnet. This is done by easily launching the various PuTTY sessions among the similar interfaces but in a separate and different tab.

With the help of the PuTTYTabManager, one can easily be able to overcome this procedure by just launching the various PuTTY sessions among the similar interface but in somewhat different tabs. Basically, this provides the best possibility of customizing the given working environment and to an extend helps in organizing the sessions which you might consider to be fit.

With this tool, the major interface can easily help in initiating brand new sessions. This is done in different tabs and one can easily be able to switch between them. Also with this tool, one can even modify and make changes to the tab order and get it renamed so that it can be easily identified. Plus with this tool, the user can transfer the session or get it imported to the given application.

Basically, a brand new session can be simply started either when the new tab is opened or by loading the PuTTy script file. Here, in the first instance the application would call the PuTTy so that it can simply display the xterm  and terminal emulating windows. The basic task for any user who is using the toolkit is to enter the name of the session and choose the given type, enter the configuration port and host number. So similar to the PuTTy this app can be applied for giving support to the various available protocols like Telnet, SSH, Rlogin, RAW, Serial.

As the name suggest the PuTTYTabManager is what it means. It is a namely and defining a  session management related tool for the PuTTy. Plus with this tool one cannot initiate any kind of sessions as thry like. As if you do want to initiate the session by yourself, then it would require the PuTTY function to work properly.

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