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SRWare Iron

The SRWare Iron is an interactive and easy to use freeware web browser. It is an implementation of the Chromium by the Germany firm SRWare. The major usage of this tool is to remove the various usage tracking and even other kind of privacy related functionalities which Google Chrome has got.

However, the SRWare Iron does not give any extra or more functionality related privacy when compared to the web browser Google even after suitable number of changes are made to the latter. But still the tool does provide some additional functionality and features which makes it stand out from Google Chrome like the built-in blocking of adwares.

For a long time SRWare Iron has been defining itself as ‘Open Source and Iron is Free’, but this was not so. Only recently when the version 6 was released on the mid of 2015, because most of the links issued by them about the source code was posted in the RapidShare and the uploader immediately blocked it. Right from the last version 6, the SRWare Iron has been an entirely closed and easy to use open source tool.

As per the report published by Lifehacker in the October 2014, the SRWare Iron was initially termed as an open source tool however, they never released the sources for ages and the browser never gave or provided one with any amount of features for tightening the privacy feature present in the Chrome browser. Somewhat in the year 2015, the SRWare Iron developer and programmers released that after years of research, this tool never had the source code and they then started to release the required source code for the given browser.

When compared to the Goolge Chrome, the SRWare Iron does lack some basic features. One is the RLZ identifies, which is ecoded string which are sent concentrated along with the queries. Another feature which is not present in the SRWare Iron is the search access which is available for the Google users when Google is the default page. Unlike the Google which displays an error page when the server is not there, the SRWare Iron never has this option.

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