FireBug 2.0.12 – Powerful and Essential Firefox Add-On


The FireBug 2.0.12 is one of the powerful and significant Firefox add on for various developers. These developers want to use a huge variety of important and useful website development tool within the given browser. Also the FireBug has got in-browser toolset for easily manipulating the codes of the website. The tool is one of the best in browser tool which is used for manipulating the codes of the website.

In addition, the FireBug tool extension helps in effortlessly and easily made edition, debug and monitoring of the website related to HTML, JavaScript, CSS code, etc and that too while the user is browsing it on the Internet or locally. This tool is designed with great amount of ease and the FireBug 2.0.12 can be easily used in a different Firefox window or in any built-in panel which is present in the bottom side of the browser.

Moreover, the FireBug 2.0.12 give the user extensive and proper control over what kind of site you want to enable. Another extensive feature is analyzing and selecting websites, which is either one website at a time. The tool make is quite straightforward and simple to search for the required HTML elements. These elements are placed in the selected webpages using the clustered real time and coded search engine.

So, once an item is chosen, then the FireBug 2.0.12 would show the comprehensive information related to it. It will even assist the user in editing the codes fast within a few seconds as and when needed. The FireBug 2.0.12 extension has got various features like multiple tabs of CSS. This will easily inform you about what kind of webpage styles are available and even to make changes and see the kind of effect within few seconds.

Another interesting feature of the FireBug tool is that it is one of the best solutions for monitoring the various network activities and that too in file by file kind of view. Basically, this would provide the user the easy and the best means to quickly search and be able to solve the various problems related to website and that too without the requirement of any separate software solution. So, if you are trying to explore and check out the Document Object Model, then the FireBug 2.0.12 is the perfect tool for that.

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