Google Drive Plug-In – Accessing Drive Files Using Microsoft Office Tools

Google Drive Plug In

The Google Drive Plug-In is an interactive tool which helps in the easy access of the Google drive files using the Microsoft Office. The user has to use the option ‘Hit File’ and then modern edition of the Microsoft Office would get opened and all the OneDrive cloud related files would be easily available to the user in a couple of clicks.

Some might feel that this would be less helpful. This is because, as most of the people would keep the files stored in the Google Drive , and there is a better and more simple solution for it. The Google Drive Plug-In related to the Microsoft Office is a simple to use Office add-in, which makes it easy for Excel, Word, PowerPoint to gain access to various drive files.

With this tool, the setup is very fast and quite easy. Since the package is small, the installing and downloading takes place in few seconds. Now once the Excel, Word, PowerPoint is launched and installed, then a ‘Welcome’ wizard window would pop up which shows it is working and this would prompt one to log into the Google account.

Now once the given procedure is done, then there are certain changes which have to be seen. Basically, the only change which one can view is the Save dialogs and Office Open. This even consists of a button which is quite suitable for the Google Drive as well as the PC, One Drive and Recent Documents, etc.

Furthermore, one needs to click the ‘Google Drive’ option and from there you can open the Google Drive and later on one can view the Drive files and get it shared with any person. This would get opened with a couple of clicks.

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