PMD 5.4.0 – Correcting Java Based Programming Codes


The PMD 5.4.0 is one of the best Java related apps which aims for assisting programmers in making correction to their codes. The major purpose of this tool is to easily find out the most common errors which could drastically have a great amount of effect on the execution’s efficiency. Also the tool can support various languages and can even detect the errors present in the codes.

The compatibility range of the PMD 5.4.0 consist of popular languages like JavaScript, Java, XSL and XML. Here the source code analyzer is quite capable of finding out the most common flaws like the dead code (which is nothing but unused variables, unnecessary objects, parameters, methods, etc), final or switch blocks, empty catch, and the various other kinds of bugs. This also includes the undefined it-while statement too.

Plus the tool can be used for optimizing the code through the various FOR loops which would easily transform the WHILE commands in order to reduce the stress related to syntax complexity, finding out disposal strings, execution time, and other kind of classes which have conditional complexity. Another feature of the PMD 5.4.0 is that it helps in creating the basic rules related to correction. The ‘PMD Rule Design’ is one of the major components which is present in the packages and help the user to made customer related rules for correcting of code and detecting the errors. The tool ‘s compatibility ranges consist of various popular languages like JavaScript, Java, XSL, XML, etc.

The major aim of designing the PMD 5.4.0 is to easily use them along with the built in ones for which the application may come. This tool allows the user to input the given code that you really want to process and even take the XPath query language or the Java classes for in order to give details about the criterion.

These elaborate features can be sued along the various set of built-in ones, especially with regard to the application that is available with it. This tool would allow one to provide the code and if you just want to do the process the new kind of Xpath query languages and the Java classes so that the users can write various amount of new criterion. Also the PMD 5.4.0 can be used for optimizing the code and ensuring that the annotations are unique.

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