REXPaint – Free and Portable ASCII Art Editor


The REXPaint is one of the best and most interesting ASCII art editor. Basically, the ASCII is one of the best graphic designing method which somewhat dates back to the 1960s and where the pictures are easily produced right from the text characters.

The results provided by this tool Is quite effective and basic. However, unlike the other kinds of tools, this has got a lot of retro appeal and can be produced in an easier manner as a whole. The REXPaint is one of the free and portable ASCII art editor suitable for Windows XP. It has got various interesting functionalities and features.

REXPaint is a simple and program text based menu and at the first usage it can be thought to be quite unusual, otherwise it may seem to be like other kind of graphical editor. Firstly, you can begin with choosing the font, the text character, dragging and clicking the given canvas for drawing. Basically, there are various tools for drawing lines, ovals, rectangles that work the best like other kind of paint programs.

You need to click and drag them to size the shape and release it as and when you are happy and hit the CTRL + Z for undo. The REXPaint has got color picker present in the sidebar. This makes it quite easy for changing the colors as and when required. The Fill tool would fill the entire region along with the referred shade.  In addition, there is the Zoom option which is quite hidden. Then you need to click the ‘< >’ character which is present in the Font selector. The RexPaint steps down the font size down and up and thereby increasing and decreasing the dimensions of the picture.

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