WinGuggle 2.5 – How to Copy Windows and Office Suite Keys and Licensing Number


Whenever users want to keep the record of the license number, they often copy and paste it on to a secured location. However, one cannot copy the Windows license in the traditional manner, and it would have to be written manually to a new file. Here there is the risk involved in misspelling the given licensing number. The tool offers the function of copying the the Windows and Office suite keys directly from the Windows clipboard with a single press of a button.

The best part is there is an application which can help you to automatically copy the given number and that is the WinGuggle 2.5. With this tool, you can keep the activation key safe. Yes! This tool provides the feature of simply pressing a button and getting the Office suite or Windows key straight into the clipboard of Windows. From there one can simply past it into any text file. That would do the trick and would help in unlocking the codes.

In addition, the WinGuggle 2.5 has got a well structured interface and that is where each of the function is displayed in a brand new tab. Though the major purpose of this tool is to assist users in retrieving the serial keys, still this tool can be used for customizing the operating system. Another significant feature of the WinGuggle 2.5 is that user can customize the various features of the Windows.

For example, it is easy for the user to replace the default and given Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) logo with a simple picture of their liking. Even they have the option for changing the name of the manufacturer, the phone number, website, etc. all other major aspect without affecting the stability of the PC or system. Now when this particular personalization is not required, then one can restore the standard settings by just pressing a given button of the tool.

There is another tab present in the main window of the WinGuggle 2.5 tool and this allows the users to explore the data present in the most of the Windows devices. Frankly, this means that the tool WinGuggle 2.5 can help in handling out the details related to the system hardware, network adapter, mouse, storage devices and the list goes on.

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