Classic Shell 4.2.5 – Activating Deleted Features of the System

Classic Shell

Classic Shell 4.2.5 is one of the simple to use tool that helps in activating the removed features of the system. This tool simply caters to all the requirements of the users who want to fully customize and personalize the PC and gain unlimited access to the useful and hidden choices.

Here the entire package would consist of classic Explorer (which means a toolbar is added to the Windows Explorer and the copy of the UI is replaced and certain usability issues have been fixed), Start menu (which is highly and best customizable), Shell update (where it would lookout for the latest new version on periodically).

As per the Classic Start Menu, you do have the option of selecting the appearance from the Windows XP, Windows Classic, Windows Vista and 7 mode. In  addition, you can give out the left click, Windows key action, Shift-click, etc and even show the favorites areas which could be like the menu or link, setting up the menu and skipping the metro screen, and then removing the started Start button.

With this tool, it is quite possible to make modification to the skin of the interface and display the two columns, user-picture, names and activate the white submenu’s. Basically, these are some of the major options which are given to the Classic Shell tool. Somewhat this application is quite low in demand with regard to the RAM and CPU, therefore, it never slows down the responsiveness of the PC.

An effective testing of the tool has show that it does not hang or crash and no doubt, this provides the simple and best solution for the greatest feature in a system.

Download Classic Shell

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