FastCopy 3.08 – Quick Synchronization and Faster Deletion Function


It is not quite surprising that most of the software developers and users would like to do system related things quicker. Among the various system activities, moving or copying files from a single location to another is considered to be the most common endeavor among them and this is what takes more time which people have less to spend.

FastCopy solves this issue and that is its major purpose. It is a simple and efficient solution which has got the same purpose as the standard and common Windows. The only difference is that the FastCopy does much better. In addition, it is even more capable of providing faster synchronization and secures the basic delete functions.

Portability is another major advantage of FastCopy. The FastCopy tool is quite easy to run as it is an executable file which has got no setup kit. Therefore, it means that all the given option comes to a double click. Another important feature of this tool is that it does not leave any traces on the Windows Registry and one can easily copy it on any USB flash drive or other kind of devices, as and when it wants to enhance the file either by copying or moving process.

Sometimes the interface is quite clean and the user might feel that it is difficult at the first glance. The tool has got variety of options even though it was simply designed to be termed as a simple application which some felt was difficult to use. The biggest advantage of the FastCopy is that it gives a set of useful details with regard to the copying procedure and even the transfer rate, file rate, etc. By this way it gives a easy means of monitoring the given performance of the tool.

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