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Recently the RogueKiller 11 tool has been rewritten using the kernel driver called as ADS detection. As per the French developer and the creator of the tool, the firm Adlice Software had just released the RogueKiller 11 tool. This is one of the latest editions of the detection tool which has got a powerful malware.

Basically, this new build has got a highly advanced rewritten kernel driver. It can deliver about more and best efficient scans and somewhat make a great lot of savings in terms of improved reliability. This is with regard to the latest version of Windows.  The best thing is that there is more good and interesting news for the Windows 10, especially for the users of the RogueKiller 11. It’s IAT scan functions well and properly in the Microsoft Edge.

In addition, the file system scanner can easily find out the various alternative data streams. Plus on the best side, the scanning process is quite streamlined, as there is no options present in the Prescan stage. Of course, there are one to two other major changes possible under the hood. You can check out the official changelog to know more.

All together, the entire tool as a whole makes an impressive package. Now this is despite even though the power of it remains quite easy to use. You can use the Click Scan option and wait for some time until the program scans can run the process. The scanning process will be done for your scheduled task, registry, web browser, file system, and even check out for any kind of rootkits. Also you can view the report when it gets done. Plus, you can select what you simply like to wipe and even delete it to get it cleaned.

If you check out the free build, there are no major issues present in it. Plus there is no amount of quick scan required for seeing which specific area to check. Either it would be a full scan or nothing else. Even though if you still feel it is a huge issue, you can fix it temporarily by simply activating the trial version.

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