Portable TagScanner 5.1 – Editing ID3 Tags of the MP3

Portable TagScanner

The Portable TagScanner 5.1 is one of the best tools for editing the ID3 tag related to the MP3 audio tracks. This is done in an user-friendly environment. Compared to other editing tools, one does not need to install this tool and it can be place the Portable TagScanner 5.1 on the removable drive, get it plugged into any system and make it run directly as one of the executable file.

In addition, you won’t need t make any kind of modification and changes to the Windows registry keys. Compared to other tools, the biggest advantage of Portable TagScanner 5.1 is the interface of this program is intuitive and quite clean. Here the music files can be easily imported through the drag and drop or file browser method. It even supports the batch processing procedure.

So, with this tool, one can play songs, set the format of the file name, adjust the given volume, etc. Furthermore, you can restructure the given file and that too based on the given tag information and be easily be able to trim the given names. Another important feature is that the user can transfer the given text (for example, transliteration, change cases, and standard values), use the available search functions, edit tags, export and import covers, create lists, rename files, etc.

This is a lightweight and simple to use application. Also it runs on low to moderate kind of system resources and it has got a brief help file along with the snapshots for rookies. Plus, it gives a good response time and worked quite flawlessly when tested.

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