Easy Optimization of the GIFs, PNGs, JPEGS and Reducing File Size

Romeolight GIFmicro

The GIFmicro, PNGmicro, and JPEGmicro are some of the best and freeware tools from Windows. They easily help in optimizing the images for reducing the gigantic size. Now each of the program present in this tool would provide loss less compression.

This can be achieved by rewriting the given files into an efficient one. Also it would be stripped from the surplus data. And interestingly, there is an option for you to reduce the file size even further and compromising on the quality of the image. 

With this tool, there are no registration, adware or any kind of marketing hassles. In addition, the tool is very much portable for downloading. This makes it easy to unzip and can be used at anytime and wherever you are present. But this depends on how much long Windows 7 or more is running. Here, once the bundled file is checked, it can reveal various things about the tool.

Each of the programs of this tool uses a well-known image optimizer which is open source. This consists of Gifsicle and OptiPNG. So, if you are an expert, then you would be hoping for something new which can be present in this tool. But you might turn out to be disappointed. However, it simply means that each of the tool can deliver and bring about reliable and solid results.

The tool has got a sleek black interface. This looks quite awesome and once you are able to know more about the program, then it starts easy to operate. All you have to do is click the button called ‘ADD’ and choose the required source image. Even you have the option to drop as well as drag the given things to the program and display the files present in the given list.

By tapping the option icon, many kind of compression settings are displayed. The biggest advantage of JPEGmicro is that it can easily remove the XMP and Exif tags. Sometimes this can be stripped out of the ICC Color Profile. However, this tool can easily convert the files for progression and you can rewrite the tool for the usage of low quality levels. The biggest aspect you need to keep in mind is that PNG is interlaced.

Download GIFmicro

Download PNGmicro

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