Enabling Basic and Unwanted Application Protection in Windows 10 and Windows 8


Recently, Microsoft had unveiled a major opt-in feature which can protect the PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications). This so called PUA is broad term which can cover all the things right from the adware to the browser extensions. It even consist of users of Windows 10 and Windows 8 which can easily provide all the given features for blocking the nasty at any download level.

As per Microsoft, this PUAs is termed as ‘a threat classification’ that is based on research-driven and reputation identification. It even includes the unwanted components that are bundled with legitimate tool. The user can venture into any kind of registry and this can tweak for providing required protection through the unwanted elements.

Most of the time, PUA protection is something which is just available for users of the firm and this helps in enabling doing a small legwork. Sadly, there are no check box which can be enabled. Also the security feature of this tool is quite easy to enable. And it is fairly easy and worth to  be considered. The first thing you can do is fire up the present Registry Editor. This is done by hitting the Windows key and the R, and then you can type the regedit which is activated by pressing the Enter key.

It is important that you try to choose the required feature to navigate the available HKEY and local machine tool. Here the user needs to check out the DWORD key which is known as MpEnablePus. This helps in creating a good tool and which can be the best security. At times, if you feel that the PUA protection is not suitable for you, then you can simply delete the given key or make changes to the value.

Unlike other tools, this is quite easy for usage. One can see the required security provided by the tool can be easy for any kind of person. Of course, some user might find it a bit difficult to use, especially the ones who are new in computer field and those who are not experienced in using the tool and even those who don’t really want to use.


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