Extracting Contents From Compressed Setup File Without Any Kind of Installation

Inno Setup Unpacker

One of the major advantages of using application installer is that it helps in saving a lot of time of yours. You can easily configure the PC for running the host application properly. However, there are many setup programs that are existing as one of the major ways to download and input the adware into the system. This is done without anyone noticing. The easiest way to avoid any kind of extract related to the content is to extract the setup file just before it can be run.

Even you can archive the tool. But this won’t be good at the basic level. Here you would need to install the 7-Zip and then you need to right click the Windows Installer files for extracting the contents. However, this would only provide you with the source files, and there would be no information on what kind of installer was used and how the particular contents of the setup are useful. The Inno Setup Unpacker would entirely take up the process further by using the extraction option for both the application file as well as the script related to the Inno Setup Installer.

Interestingly, with this kind of tool, the Inno Setup Unpacker won’t need the installation file itself. This is an open source command line tool. And this comes with a small download, so once it gets unpacked it will be ready to go. Here the basic usage is quite simple. Among the various command line switches that are listing the file content, you can get ones which can test the integrity of the define path. But you cannot get more than any of this.

The command line authorizes the Inno Setup Unpacker to just extract the components of the setup.exe and that to on to the current folder. So, you can assume that the Inno Setup Installer would be the best unpacker and it would produce the iss file.  Another biggest advantage of this tool is decoding the installation scripts.  By just unpacking the installers, you are simple not checking out the source files. This so called setup script can easily provide you information about the application and it is not necessary that you need to be a developer.

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