Silently Installing Adware Through FSS ePub Reader

FSS ePub Reader

Among the various famous freeware, the FreeSmartSoft is one of the best developers. This even consists of FSS Video Downloader, FSS ePub Reader, FSS Google Books Downloader, etc. Now don’t get afraid if you have not installed any one of the packages previously. The only thing that you have to keep caution is the presences of a mechanism which would silently install adware into your PC.

This may sound like any other innocent and normal software update checking, but at times this function cannot be well behaved too. Compared to other packages, this won’t allow one to phone home and there is no available option to turn it off or delete it. There have been various tests which have been done along with using FSS ePub Reader and FSS Google Books Downloader, the update is not completely removed through the uninstaller option.

Now if you are using the best security tool, then it would be easy for you know whether the tool has got access to the infected web resource. What happens is that after the random check you can easily see that the given software has been installed which would have never been seen through the naked eye.

Plus through a closer inspection, you can see the traces of the download which has been done. This is the best part of this suspicious looking tool and you would be more interested in knowing about the ‘winclock.exe’ and to check whether it is some kind of malware and if there could be any other explanation.

Another method you can follow is to download this package through another route, and get it submitted to VirusTotal. The developers and testers at the time of product invention had tested it and run through various test systems. They were easily able to access the winclocks.exe compared to before however, it was saved locally by using the cryptic filename.

Basically, it would be having a dropped file and then it would be easily used. One can even download and try to install the Wajam and PC Speed Up. Even various other applications can be used for changing the homepage of the given browser.

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