Tabr – The New And Improved Way of Browsing


No doubt, Chrome is a great browser to use. But once you open various tabs, it can lead to a huge amount of real resource hogging. This would lead to arresting a huge amount of RAM space and will ultimately lead to affecting the performance of the system. The Tabr is one of the latest and best Chrome tab mangers. It assists in dealing with the issues in simultaneously opening tabs by giving a new and improved way of browsing, controlling and archiving the browser tabs. Basically, the Tabr tool‘s window can open the super-sized thumbnails related to all kinds of open tabs, present in all the Chrome window.

Plus you can scroll and click whatever things you need and even use the Search box for searching the title bar and text. Sometimes you cannot find what you were looking for as the tabs of yours are split through various Chrome window called as a ‘Chrome Windows; button which simply brings all the things together. Now hovering the mouse on the thumbnail, displays the option called ‘Archive Tab’ that can save the state of the given tab and simply close it, thereby freeing the RAM. Later on you can tap ‘All Sessions’ and whichever you have saved last and it will be placed on the top of the list and that can be simply restored in a single click.

If that is a lot of hassle, you do have the option to enable the Auto-Archive feature. This would automatically archive the tabs, especially when they have been idle for a quite a number of time. Also, there lies a more general ‘Archive Session’ feature. This simply saves the main state of the open tab. Now this makes it quite easy for restoring all the things later and carrying on where you have been left off. Unlike other tab management, the Tabr does not have the main functionality with regard to some of the competition. This saves the tab instead of suspending them. Sometimes it can be configurable and this can be quite easy for you if you don’t like huge thumbnails.

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