CrystalDiskInfo 6.7.2 – Interactive Tool for Supporting S.M.A.R.T and USB-HDD


Hard disk drives are one of the major elements which can keep your data alive. Yes! Even though you might not feel that it is a great problem when it comes, still the faulty disk drive can simply reduce the entire performance of the machine. But as luck is on your side, you can have an eye on the current state of the hard disk along with the utilities of the CrystalDiskInfo. Another extensive feature of the CrystalDiskInfo is the quick and easy deployment. Yes!  By going through the entire setup procedure, it takes a small time and once it is deployed, the amount of system resources can be something that you have to worry about. Even you may have to skip the entire installation process, even though there is no portable versions present.

But you must be cautious as and when you are running the setup, as when you are not paying any attention to the given offers, you might end up installing no amount of unwanted applications.  Another extensive feature is the View in-depth detail of the drive. So, what happens is that once the major window is bought in, you have to simply analyze the hard disk drive. There is some basic information which is present, like the firmware, serial number, drive letter, interface, buffer size and even the presences of more fields. Basically, for the experienced users, the lower table can easily come in handy when you are going to input more in-depth details related to the display.

Among them, there are others who can view the read error rate, stop or start count, end-to-end errors, and the command timeout, etc.  It even consists of the reallocation of the event count and other. This is along the threshold, current and raw values, etc. for each of the attribute. Another feature of the tool, is that it helps in keeping the drive in good shape. Besides the various attributes explained above, there are more that has to be followed and viewed which is in customizable graph display. This can help in analyzing the performance over a longer period of time.

Besides that the application can easily help in customizing the refresh rate and values. It would always be up to date and can be handy when the given hard drive is properly used for getting a huge amount of data flow. There is a health status indicator present in the main window and with a single press of a button, the new window will be brought up. This will enable one to see the various slider representing the reallocated sector count, and the current and available pending sector count.

All this is possible because of the threshold of the caution capabilities. So, all in all the tool CrystalDiskInfo is one of the powerful analysis tool. This is quite handy for both experts as well as beginners. One can easily deploy them on the hard drive along with little system resource and provide a great deal of required info in return.

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