Move Aside Please – Converting Your Desktop Window Into Transparent One

Move Aside Please

The act of organizing the busy PC desktop can be a small work, and you forever end up minimizing, repositioning, resizing, and even relocating the windows for easy and better view. The Move Aside Please is one of the best and free tools simplify the process of moving the windows or even turning them into a transparent one when you are moving the mouse over them. There is no installation in this tool, and this means that the program is quite easy to try out. You can unzip the download took, run the executable and even add the icon on to the system tray. After that, you have to right-click the icon and choose the Settings option. Then you need to set the Windows Titles for doing the main configuration window.

The setup can be a bit clumsy and it is similar to doing the editing of the INI file. You can try out the various online examples into the Notepad. Here you can remove the semi-colon and the program will easily tell that if you simply move the mouse through the window using the Notepad as the title bar. This even consists of the window class and then the window has to be moved up or down, but it will not be quite transparent.

Basically, this work as it is described, and you have to move the mouse over the window and then it can be nudged either down or up. However, it can work sometimes, but not always and it cannot be useful. And if the window is somewhat close to the height of the screen then the nudges cannot be revealed and you can just click on the title bar for dragging it anywhere you want. Here the better approach is to simply disable the movement and make the window transparent similar to the notepad. What happens is that the window becomes a bit transparent as and when you move the mouse over it and underneath you can see it, and it stays at that place. You can interact with it and all you have to do is click the controls just like a normal method.

Frankly, Move Aside Please is not the sophisticated window manager and the click free approach for setting the transparency and save a lot of time.

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