NirSoft’s Latest Addition – BrowserAddonsView For Displaying Chrome, IE Addons, and Firefox


Recently, the Freeware developer NirSoft had released the latest version from its stables called BrowserAddonsView. This is a free tool that helps in displaying as well as detecting the installed Firefox, Chrome, IE extensions, and more is commonly used in the user profile folder.  Here each and every installed addon can be displayed on the usual NirSoft table along with the details that consist of status (enabled/disabled), item ID, browser, name, addon type (which consist of plugin, Active X, browser healer, and more), title, description, version, creator, and more.

In addition, the disabled addon might be hidden which can easily assist in focusing on all the things. Even you can sort out the table through the specific fields for grouping the common items all together. Basically, there are no amount of management tool present here. Also, you cannot remove any kind of addons and even be able to disable them and even be able to open the available browser direct from the BrowserAddonsView. That is the best advantage and usefulness of this tool.

Here the closest a program gets is a right-click option for opening the relevant and required add-on or the user profile folder. This is done for exploration. Furthermore, the program can provide some time if you want to just browse the installed and free addons, that too for any kind of suspect. Even it is quite possible for saving the list as simple text file. This enables one to compare the setups of the individual browser and even view the installed plugins which are bound to change over time. Unlike other tools that you see in the market, the BrowserAddonsVIew is a freeware tool which is compatible in Windows XP and other latest versions of Windows.

Download BrowserAddonsView

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