Picosmos Tools – A Great And Easy To Use Image Management Tool

Picosmos Tools

The Picosmos Tools is one of the best and easy to use versatile image management suites. This consists of editor, viewer, capture tool, batch processor, simple publishing tools and more.  What makes this program stand out fast with the presences of the Windows Start Screen-type launcher is the colorful and the live tiles that is bound to give a speedy access to each of the module. Another major highlight of this tool is the ‘Effect’. All you have to do is open the target image, then browse the filter and the various effect thumbnails present in the sidebar. This will present you various host of methods to transform and tweak the images.

Here the individual effects are not easy to customize, however there are certain basic and surprisingly advanced and best features present with regard to this seven selection tools. Even there is the library of clipart and the availability of photo frames which can help in dressing the images.

Then there is the ‘Editor’ option which is also one of the advanced tool. This can easily open almost any kind of thing (like PSD, TIFF, RAW, WEBP). Plus this has got more filters and effects, and even the presences of the full layer support and the normal transform tools.

Basically, there is no amount of depth present in this. Some users went and tried the browser feature and selected the Adjust and from there clicked the Brightness or Contrast options. This lead to presences of no amount of equalizer and stretch options,  lack of curve tweaks, and presences of no real levels of controls. All one can see is the individual Contrast slider and Brightness. There are no other features which is still lacking the basic and if your needs are very much simple then it won’t matter.

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