AlomWare Actions Lite – Automating All the Basic PC Task

AlomWare Actions

AlomWare Actions Lite is an interactive and one of the best scripting tools. This allows even an beginner or novice user to automate most of the PC activities. In this tool, there are many kind of commands that can be used for launching apps, sending emails, downloading web pages, typing text, simulating the clicks of the mouse, working with all kinds of files, and doing a whole lot of new and improvized functionalities. All these factors combine and make up a single action. And interestingly, instead of hiding the details related to the command help and settings which are present in the separate dialogs, all the things here are displayed in the front as per the pace of the tool.

Initially, the program starts off poor and just because it has a cluttered interface, it seems to work this manner. Now instead of hiding the various details like the command help or settings which are put in separate dialogs, all the things are just displayed up-front at the pace of the tool. So, if you are really just a scripting beginner then this can be a tempting issue for giving up fast, however a closer look might give a better understanding and sense of what needs to be done.

Basically, the top-left pane list of this tool provides various examples and action that you can easily do fast like decrypt or encrypt text, download random Wikipedia data, open the Calc tool, email the screenshots taken, and performing various operations which can remain on top and more. The script of the AlomWare Actions Lite is quite simple. First what you need to do is select the ‘Type my email address action’ and then you will see a command –  ‘ Keyboard: Type Keystrokes’ which will be having a value of ‘’. So, now using this default hotkey, you can paste the text into the current apps. All the operations of the AlomWare Actions Lite is quite basic and easy to expand.

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