Early stoppage of CryptoDrop at the encryption phase

Crypto Drop

Ransomware is a type of malware that is used by cybercriminals in exploiting users by forcing them to pay huge sums of money to get their files. The files are infected by a virus and the only possible way to get those files back is by paying amount as ransom to the hackers.

The solution to this problem has been which has been a global problem has been resolved by a new software named CryptoDrop. This software could detect malware and stop it after it has begun to encrypt files on the system of the user. It is not considered as a complete solution to the problem as you could lose some files rather than lose all and also pay ransom to get them.

CryptoDrop was developed by a professor named Patrick Traynor who worked as associate in the Department of Computer and Information Science in UF. He worked with two of his college – Phd students from Villanova University namely Nolen Scaife and Henry Carter.

Scaife explains how the ransomware works by stating that it does not prevent the ransomware to start but instead stops the ransomware from finishing the task. So there is only minimum loss to the documents rather than everything gets hacked from the hard drive and also you get relived from the burden of paying any ransom.

The new software does have a silver shinning and advantages. But according to an expert from security firm company named Alert Logic – Richard Cassidy it has ineffectiveness in stopping ransomware completely. Even though it does not act as a silver bullet in stopping ransomware as a whole,  but only detect and contain only.

Ransomware preventer writers need to understand how this new technology works and create better version to either bypass and search for more effective likely sensitive files before getting encryption done.

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