Using PrintMyFonts to browse, filter and display fonts


By choosing the right font for a document or a project that is graphically created could make a big difference to the results.  But the viewers using Windows and applications will find it difficult to get the font that is needed. PrintMyFonts could display all the fonts available and by glance, you could compare and export the results on documents and images.

Once the program is launched, it does represent a list that contains Example text in the fonts. You can change to anything you like such as logo of a company or a company name. You can then see how it looks and then adjust the background, text, style and the colors at the foreground too.

PrintMyFont does have contents of font as files. You need to point to the program in the folder and specify TTF/FOT/FNT/TTC/PFM and see those files. The list that you have could have hundreds of font and many to compare side by side. But PrintMyFont  will not have to display them fully. A box as filter does enable restriction of words and by entering on PC, it is reduced to 4 from 330 fonts.

Also you can scroll down the list and then click Ctrl to select the fonts that are interesting and then right click and click on Remove not selected to get rid of all. Now you will be able to compare the fonts clearly and if you wish to get someone else’s opinion, you could get the list exported and shared.

The most trustworthy method is to save the list in formats such as PNG, JPG or BMP and then mail to people who are interested. The list could also be sent to a printer and conveniently pages could be printed in different sizes of font with different foreground and background colors to get the images displayed.

Download PrintMyFonts

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