The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 2)

Web services are focusing aggressively about the cautions that you should follow at the time of choosing password. Remembering many passwords and finding it difficult to navigate the internet when you are logged out due to Cookies being refreshed are few big hassles that you may face when using internet. For such a problem Last Pass Password Manager is used where your passwords are stored and only one code allows the access to the rest. Stronger passwords can be created by you, with a single click log into your sites and can manage your data from more than one computers; all this is ensured by Last Pass. Sharing of logins with friends, using one time passwords and safe-guarding passwords so that other password managers are not able to store as in the case of online banking site – are some of the things that is possible when you use this add-on. All the data that pertains to security is encrypted locally so no need to worry about web snoops.

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A Comprehensive Review of the New Windows 7

After the big disappointment in the release of Windows Vista, all users either stuck with the faulty product, or downgraded to the ever-dependable Windows XP. Vista promised much, but delivered little. With a poor performance from networking to gaming, Vista put a huge blight on Microsoft’s name. However, even with the presentation of a defective product, Vista still paved the way for some new features that came in handy in the development of Windows 7. One development was Vista’s objective to transfer core functionality from the nub of the computer to a user space, preventing instability in the computer system’s kernel.

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The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 1)

With Firefox 3.5 what the users got in their all time favorite web browsers was increase in stability that included tear away tabs, private browsing and awareness in location. The browser obtained with this latest version is faster along with increased security and much more user –friendliness. In addition to this Firefox has large number of add-ons that makes it a choice browser; these add-ons takes internet browsing experience to new heights. Users are able to experience the difference in web browsing that other web browsers are unable to provide.

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Low Priced Laptops below $300 – Many Things to Offer

A new market has surfaced in last few weeks for extremely cheap laptops that cost below $ 300. These laptops have some of the features that are usually found in mainstream laptops, the expensive ones. Laptop prices had not gone that low. But some of the laptops from Wal-Mart and Best Buy which are priced below $300 have big screens, DVD drives and realistic graphics. With so low priced these laptops are better than net books whose screen is small and keyboard is cramped.

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Google’s Voice

After a long awaited anticipation, Google is launching its call management system aptly named Google Voice. There has been a keen expectation from businessmen and Google followers alike. With its capability to tie all your phone numbers into one powerful account, give you the flexibility to decide how your calls are managed, and a lot of other noteworthy features like voicemail-to-text transcribing, surely this phone management tool is worth the wait.

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How To Keep Your Computer Malware-Free

There is partial truth in the statement given by conspiracy theorists – You are being watched by someone. Software that gathers your personal information without you being aware, brings undesired change in the configuration of your computer or takes the control of your computer is called malware or spyware. The first step in protecting your computer system is detection of malware in order to remove it and save the system from damage. The second step is to keep malware away from your computer.

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LAVASOFT AD-AWARE Pro 8.0.3 Anniversary Edition

AD-AWARE Pro has some extra protection but lacks in the very basic protection that even a typical antivirus program could offer

Lavasoft’s antispyware application, Ad-Aware Pro has nothing special that goes with its release as an anniversary edition, which costs $40 to buy. The test conducted on Ad-Aware Pro resulted in nothing that could be looked forward to. It failed miserably in detecting several adware, spyware and other malicious files. As, this was not enough Ad-Aware Pro also has an interface that is very complex to be operated by an average user.

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Panda Internet Security 2009

It has more features than any other typical suites, yet it ends up as a mediocre suite for malware detection

In the midyear roundup of the eight security suites, we found Panda Internet Security 2009 at the fourth place with an interface that is very easy to use and also a great collection of several new features. Our first roundup of the year 2009, “Paying for Protection,” placed the Panda Internet Security 2009 at the third place. But, as its performance in blocking the malicious software was not up to the mark, in addition with its inability to counter the effects of some really nasty malware, it slipped to the fourth spot in our mid year roundup. Even after having a new scanning feature that is based on Internet it failed to illicit the required response against some very nasty malware.

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