PC Tools Internet Security

Could Be The Best Provided It Enhances Its Protection Against Traditional Malware

The PC Tools Internet Security got a good marketing and a separate development platform through the acquisition of security vendor by Symantec, also dealing in the marketing & development of Norton Internet Security Suite. PC Tools is great for heuristic malware detection but not so for the traditional malware detection. Its price is $60 for three users (1 year) as of 21st May 2009.

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A Little Known application G-Data Internet Security 2010 Is Going To Become Famous

The German security suite “G-Data Internet Security 2010” is one of the best malware detection and removal applications being successfully sold, now in U.S too. It has proved its worth in several tests and even outperformed several other similar suites. Its price is $30 for single user (1 year) & $40 for three users (1 year) as of 21st May 2009.

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Internet Security Essentials from Webroot

It is the first release of a security suite for Webroot…and users need to wait before giving it a try.

The price seems right, at a mere $60 for three users (that was the price on December 23, 2008) for this companies first attempt at a security suite. This package has Sophos antivirus scanner, Privacyware’s firewall, and you can get online backup from Webroot’s own servers. What it doesn’t have is parental controls (very important today), browser based antiphishing capabilities, and a way to keep the spam out (not the kind you eat, but the kind that fills up your email). What is even worse is that it failed at its primary mission…identifying malicious software.
Webroot’s Internet Security Essentials ($60 for three users as of 12/23/08) marks the antispyware company’s first foray into security suites. This patchwork suite brings together an antivirus scanner from Sophos, a firewall from Privacyware, and online backup using Webroot’s own servers. But it lacks parental controls, antispam, and browser-based antiphishing capabilities, and it fared poorly at the core task of identifying malicious software.

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McAfee Internet Security Suite 2009

A mix of pluses and minuses lands McAfee’s security suite only in the middle of the pack.

McAfee Internet Security Suite 2009 ($60 for three users as of 12/23/08) landed smack dab in the middle of the rankings for “Paying for Protection,” our 2009 roundup of security suites, ranking fifth out of the nine tested products. The 2009 version features Artemis, a new Internet-based malware detection feature. Offsetting Artemis and McAfee’s otherwise generally good malware detection rate, however, were its slow scanning speed, its interface annoyances, and its very poor performance in proactive, behavioral detection tests.

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Safer Networking Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4 Review

Safer Networking’s Spybot Search & Destroy Can’t Keep Up To The Latest threats Despite Its Real-Time Protection Feature

The job of the Safer Networking’s Spybot Search & Destroy is same as its name suggests, that is to search and destroy spyware and that too in real-time We had tested this product almost one year back and now again on testing it, it has been found out that it has the same version without any change and this is why the product has been rendered inefficient in providing a reliable protection against spyware.

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Avira Premium Security Suite 8.2 Review

Avira’s security suite is more suitable for a techie looking for an ideal malware detection system that doesn’t need parental controls or phone support.

Avira Premium Security Suite topped in the very task for which it has been created and it costs only $54 for single user according to the information collected latest by 23rd Nov. 2008. This product has continued the well-known performance of all other past products of Avira, by convincingly staying ahead in the test of “Paying for Protection”, for our nine security suites test, 2009 and in several other detection tests.

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Microsoft Genuine Advantage Vista

What is considered as the greatest advantage of MS Windows over Vista?

The genuine advantage program runs by Microsoft, which also includes Windows advantage, certainly can help you to determine if you have a genuine copy of Windows or not. The software which is also called as Genuine Windows Software, is a licensed software which is in fact published by Microsoft, which is also considered as its supporter and even the authorized partner, actually give you all of its full capabilities so that you can in fact have an access to all of the latest updates, along with all of the confidence that one may be getting while experiencing the software. Microsoft is also regarded as an investor in the field of engineering, education and also enforcement so that it can in fact very much effectively combat the privacy of software industry. The main part of the Microsoft’s commitment is to try and protect the property and at the same time avoid any of the problems that may arise before hand.

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