21 Technology Secrets Revealed

If you are an ardent user of communication devices such as Internet, mobiles, Webcam, etc. Then there a few truths about which you may not be aware of because ‘they’ are not revealing the facts to you. ‘They” refers to product manufacturers, wireless carriers, Google, your boss, etc. The reason why they do not want you to be aware is because your Webcam, your cell phone and even your boss may be scouting you.

You are most likely spending a lot of money for printer ink, impressive and smart subsidized phone will cost even more than the unsubsidized phone. Your personal computer may be covered with deadly flame retardants. That is just for beginners.

There is nothing to worry, the below article would clearly unveil all the secrets and give you all the related solutions. If it can’t be dealt with, then ways of tackling the issue have also been described (if available). You cannot be the victim, if you are aware of what has to be done.

Just keep in mind: You’ve been cautioned.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Laptop Battery

Generally, most of the people compare Laptop batteries to the people because according to them inevitably and eventually they also die. They are just like normal people, since they do not obey any form of the Moore’s Law. This means that one cannot expect the next year’s battery to last more as compared to the previous year’s battery. Though it can be noticed that the Battery technology is improving a bit over the time because of the latest technologies, efforts and tools available but this does not mean that this is surely going to increase the life of batteries. Though there can be many interesting possibilities that are popping up, but this does not signify any kind of major breakthrough in the coming future.

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Give Up Those Seven Bad Technology Habits

You go for a walk, pray everyday, brush your teeth twice a day, and pay the taxes due in time. In simpler terms, you are brimming up with good habits. However, when technology comes into the picture, we seem to be going the other way around. Are you aware of the fact that cluttering your desktop with different icons, saving your passwords in a notepad, and making incomplete backup once in a month, are actually some of the bad technology habits? There are a number of more bad technology habits that people tend to be going on with it, without realizing the harm that you are doing to your personal computer.

The good news is that you can always fix your bad technology habits for managing your desktop computer with the same amounts of care and acumen that you practice while taking care of your body.

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Returning Found Gadgets, Desktop Organizer, and An Energy Saver: Three Cool Things You Can Do

A great many things are going on in the world of technology and the three things that I will be writing about are excellent examples of the credo “it just gets better everyday”. One part of the article talks about a web service that helps people reunite with their lost gadgets. Another talks about an ingenious way of using a hole commonly found in computer desks, and the last one is one more thing you can do to make computing more earth friendly.

Lost and found

You may have encountered a lost gadget while riding on a bus on the way to work. Well, if it was a mobile phone, finding out the owner is pretty easy. But what if it was a gaming gadget like a PSP or a Nintendo DS? If no identification is attached to the device, then finding out its rightful owner could be next to impossible.

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Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe and Foxit Bugs and Their Critical Patches

Several software companies are releasing a whole range of patches and quick fixes for all the little bugs that are appearing on their laptops and PCs. Although Microsoft has reached a record one patch for the most recent cycle, this patch proves to be a pretty important one considering that it will fix a bug allows online hackers to steal information and possibly take over your computer once you view a compromised website.

This patch basically attempts to resolve the errors in Internet Explorer 5 for Windows 2000; Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP; and Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista and XP. It seems like this may also affect Internet Explorer 8 as well, although it has not been necessary for the more robust version that came out with Windows 7. All of these patches are readily available online and can be gotten by simply running the Windows Update on your PC.

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Advice for Surviving Tech Issues

Instead of spending hours trying to get the online and phone technical support you need for your computer problems, here are some tips that you can follow for the succeeding list of PC problems that you may encounter so that the process of getting the technical support you need is a much smoother one.

The Dreaded Crash

Everyone has experienced, or will experience, this at least once in their life. Your PC just won’t start up, your data is getting eaten, you just don’t know. After this you pick up the phone to call tech support with the little information that you have on your side of the line, ready to spend hours on it doing trial and error tests.

Know the Problem

Try to find out more about your PC problem before making the call. Start by trying to troubleshoot the problem yourself. By doing this, you will be able to collect more details and information on your PC and in your trial and error tests that you can write down and note to tell tech support when the time comes that you really need to call them. Don’t get too stressed out in the process. Think of this process as a way together data on the problem so that when you do a consultation, you can save time and money by preventing a longwinded phone conversation. Initially, also search forums on another PC or laptop that may have information on similar problem that you are having and try to apply suggested solutions given by other people.

Start your testing sessions by rebooting your PC to Safe Mode. PC users can go straight to this mode by pressing down on F8 as your PC starts up when you reboot it. Another way is to boot from a recovery disc and check the system install, the RAM, and your hard drives by using the diagnostic tools on Windows. Make sure all connections are secure to your PC or that even the video card or RAM chip is in its proper place.

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Norton Ghost 15

The latest version of hard drive backup program is now compatible with Windows 7. Comparing to previous version we find out that interface is kept the way as it was before and gained something more. The base of program is an automatic backup of hard drives or cloning it and creating the restore points in case of functionality failure.

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