ESET Smart Security 4

The base of this security bundle consists of four modules. User is protected against viruses and spyware, also protected against spam. Firewall is an important part and cannot be missing. There are more functions than they appear. On regular basis the interface is set to offer everything necessary for beginners. Advanced users can simply shift to extended mode where they can select from all functions and tools included in the extended mode.

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Norton 360™ v4 beta

The most comprehensive bundle for home users named Norton 360 gets into the 4th level. We use beta version yet, which discloses the way the program is heading and we can now see the implementation of new facilities.

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The Correct Way To Deal With Your Tech Support

When faced with a complex problem, we usually ask help with a technical support representative, but what you don’t know is that there are other ways to help you and your tech support representatives fix the problem in a shorter time. With the use of your cell phone, computer and internet connection, you can save yourself from the hassle of spending a lot of time dealing with your tech support. So here are some guidelines to help you solve your dilemmas.

Computer Issues

The scene: Your PC hangs and freezes. It is eating up your data and sometimes the computer won’t start up. You call your tech support for help, but often than not you end up wasting time and not even able to fix the problem.

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The best of freeware & shareware

We have selected the best of all shareware, and created the section named The best of „Must have“ shareware here at The list containing the best of freeware can be found at in the section named Best freeware downloads.

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40 Tricks And Tips On Master Google Android

The initial impression one gets after using the Android Phone is that you are now truly connected, globally.

As the Verizon advertisements refresh our memories that the Android and the Apple’s iPhone are antipodes the former has an open source which is free of any unexplained application rejections and is completely modifiable to the user’s needs. The iPhone may be Apple’s magnum opus the Android is Google’s match to it and more. All you have to do is explore its potential.

These 40 tricks and tips will offer you ways of maximizing the usage of your Android device. These tips are applicable to the Android 2.0 yet most of these tips are applicable to any of the Android Devices. And all these tricks do not require you to try underhanded things or hack.

Here is the manual to make your the masters of your Android protocol.

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Part 5 Advantages of IE8

Shortcuts of the keyboard

Generally it happens that while working on the computer, you may continuously need to switch from mouse to keyboard and vice versa. After some time, this becomes tiring and a difficult and monotonous task to carry out. Also constant switching takes a lot of time. As a result the user may sometimes lose interest in the work. In case you are running short of time and do not want to keep on moving your hands from keyboard to mouse and mouse to keyboard then you must try the shortcuts that are given below. Using these shortcuts you can get ninja work like efficiency and also can increase your productivity. Below are given some useful and most commonly used Key Combinations and their Resulting Actions:

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Part 4 Advantages of IE8

Decode the Status Bar

The Status Bar that appears at the bottom of the browser window shows all the information that may not be labeled anywhere else. The unlabeled boxes of the Status Bar have some functions that can be activated by single clicking or by double-clicking. Main functions of these boxes are:

* Box 1: it performs no operation.
* Box 2: used to modify the settings of the Pop-up Blocker.
* Box 3: used to manage the Add-ons screen.
* Box 4: This contains icon in it and is used to see a Privacy Report by double clicking that can list all the blocked cookies.
* Box 5: used to provide IE to look for a security certificate.
* Box 6: it can be used to view the menu by Single-clicking where a safety check can be run on the site that the user is visiting with the help of Microsoft’s Smart Screen Filter service.

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