Part 3 Advantages of IE8

Protect your Privacy and Block the Ads and In Private Filtering

Whenever you are surfing the web or opening a site then it is very common that you may encounter many advertisements that are termed as the third party content. This content doesn’t originate from the website that you are visiting but from other sources. Sometimes this content or advertisements may generate virus in your PC and sometimes it is used by these sources to track your behavior. As one encounters such type of content site after site, a thorough profile of the browsing habits of the user, his interests and even the purchases that are made can be assembled by these advertisers with the help of cookies to track the behavior.

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Part 2 Advantages of IE8

IE8 or Internet Explorer 8 is one of the latest web browsers from the Microsoft’s stable. It’s a long time since Microsoft launched its first free of cost bundled software called Internet Explorer in competition with Netscape Navigator. It has come a long way since then and the experience with IE8 is really exciting as brought out by reviews conducted by experts and users alike.

Hide your secrets with the help of In-Private Browsing

If you’re finding some private browsing opportunity then In-Private icon will allow doing so. How? It gives you the facility to save passwords and form as add-on features with the saving of usual cookies and Web history. Along with it, in a search box you will get the facility of search term. Your URLs will show the address bar in addition to that. Those features are meant for making your task easier. It saves your privacy from your skeptical boss, overindulgent parents and nagging spouse or anyone on this earth from whom you’re willing to hide your task, which you’re doing on the Web. So, your complete privacy while working on Web world is thoroughly guaranteed.

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Part 1 Advantages of IE8

If your eyes are thriving to see more security and ease to use facility in Microsoft’s Web browser, then IE8 or Internet Explorer 8 is the latest launch for better privacy and fast accessibility in the platform of Web-enabled information and several services. IE8 has come up with several updated features, which will definitely give you more area to explore and experience to suit your technology need.

New version of IE8 also retains the existing few important features of previous version like toolbar customization, view ability like the earlier version, and of course a pair of boxes full of mystery in order to colonize the browser window bottom.

If you’re able to follow those certain tips you definitely get the benefit of the updated and newest features. If you’re still lacking the advantages of IE6 and IE7, then it is advisable get updated immediately to take the full-fledged advantage.

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How to Save Microsoft Word Document Image Files as Separate Files

Word Document files are not just for words any more. Documents are now crafted with embedded images. There could be just one, or dozens of images in a single document. And sometimes, you want to save those image files as separate documents, to use outside of Microsoft Word. The creator of the document may not always be able to provide them. How do you separately save images embedded in a Microsoft Word document?

The “obvious” way would be to right-click the image and select the “Save Image As” tab, for each image you want to save. You could individually copy and paste each image into an image program, and save them there. It’s even possible to create or borrow a macro program to seek and save images from Microsoft Word documents. All of these tactics, however, are both time- and labor-intensive. The quickest and easiest ways to save embedded images as individual files are to unzip the .docx file, if you are using Word 2007, or to save the Word document as a web page, if you use Word 2000, 2002/XP, or 2003.

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Identity Hi-Jacking: On and Offline

People live their lives through their laptops and cell phones. It is the repository of memories and aspirations and for a sizeable number of individuals, a computer is their only link to the world. It is not unusual for someone to consider their computers as their most prized possession. When that prized possession gets lost or stolen, the burglar knows that the real value of the laptop is not the price of the laptop but something else buried in the computer’s hard drive.

The real value of our phones and computers lies in the information it contains, much so that anybody can assume another identity based on the facts that are stored in the computer’s hard drive. Identity theft is very much a fact of life nowadays and is a consequence of our ever increasing reliance on information.

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How to Avoid Scammers and Other Fraudsters on the Internet

The internet is the modern day market. Sites such as eBay or Craigslist are popular because they offer great bargains, and perhaps a neat profit to those who know how the online market works. The marketplace, whether located in the real world, or existing online, will always be filled with people with not-so-good intentions on the lookout for their next victim.

For the online fraudster, his primary tool is the email and his approach is to mimic official communications from sites such as eBay or Craigslist. An official looking email from eBay purportedly asks you to update your records and provides you with a link to do the same. As you log-in into the false site, you are providing your user name and password to individuals who will use this information to steal your identity. Such acts are called “phishing” and are as old as the World Wide Web.

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Things that You Get for Free on the Web that Really Saves You Money

I’m sure you’ve heard of things that you can get for free on the web. You have instant messaging, electronic mail and free web space where you can write your blog. I’m not really interested in those kinds of things, instead I’ll show you free things that that are actually useful in your line of work. In other words, the free things that I’ll be talking about actually help you earn money.

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Hack Your PSP – What Is The Easy Way? – Part I

The Portable PlayStation of Sony in Market has been an easy target of hackers. With heavily built hardware and sleek screen for handheld devices, lots of PSP owners have cracked their devices. Now Sony has released about dozen of updates and many hardware revisions so as to make harder for hackers to hack PSPs.

Though single hack does not work for all PSP but few PSPs are totally not hakable. However there is one easy method which works on most consoles that will be illustrated in this article.

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Ten Things Wrong with US Wireless Services (Part III)

This is the last of a three part article on what is wrong with the wireless telecommunication industry in the United States today.

5. Longer lock-in – From a one year lock-in period between you and your provider to a two year contract, providers realized that the longer they have you in their sights, the better. A longer lock-in period creates an illusion of lower monthly fees by dividing the cost of the phone unit into 24 months instead of 12 months. If you want to opt out, the carrier is more than willing to receive your higher early-termination fee.

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