Ten things wrong with US wireless service (Part II)

We discussed the top 10 reasons why wireless service in the United States is not among the world’s best. Let us discuss the 4th reason which is all about the huge and effortless sums of money wireless service providers make.

Money for nothing-Have you ever heard of the helpful computerized female voice when voice-mailing someone? All 4 providers play similar sounding prompts saying something like “Record your message after the beep. You may hang up when you have finished recording” The voice prompt is about 15 seconds long.

A major provider like Verizon, who has about 70 million customers, is estimated to earn at least $620 million a year extending your minutes just by playing those 15 second long instructions. Not only is this practice tiring, it is such a waste of time. Fortunately there is a way to cut short the helpful voice prompt but the catch is, it differs among the 4 major service providers.

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Freeware Files: How Safe Are Your Secret In Your Computer?

The data on Pc that is very important to you needs to be protected from others, Windows the operating system may not have sufficient security to protect your data. the people with intention to harm others are always one step ahead in cracking the applications. Windows has been declaring that… users are safe when using their application. But in true sense the security provided by Windows application is not. Now the freeware files are there to help you protect your sensitive data. Some of them are listed below!

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How Can You Keep Your Secret Safe With Freeware Files

The privacy features that come along with Windows the operating system are not sufficient for safety of your personal documents. Even if you put the special documents in a folder meant for private user in the PC with operating system Windows then also it is not sure that your files will remain secret. A user with malicious who can work hard with malicious intention can cause mayhem on your files with only condition that he has physical access to your computer system. This is possible in spite of Windows making a declaration that you should not be afraid of external abuse, and that you are safe.

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Ten Things Wrong with US Wireless Services (Part I)

The internet was invented in the United States and the world’s trendiest phone is sold by an American computer maker. A lot of technological innovations were made by Americans. Still, wireless services in the US are terrible. Here in 3 parts are 10 things that make wireless access in the US so backward compared to the rest of the developed world.

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Using Windows 7 on Older PCs (3)

Windows 7 has been proven to work on older computers 2 or 3 generations away from contemporary models. Microsoft has apparently fixed what was wrong with Vista and gave us a new OS free from the bloat and objectionable pop-ups that was the hallmark of the Vista user experience. Microsoft even announced that Windows 7 will work on netbooks. This is significant knowing that beginning in 2008, more portable computers were sold compared to desktop units.

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Using Windows 7 on Older PCs (1)

When you encounter a Pentium 4 computer running contemporary applications or acting as a server, chances are the computer is running on Linux. Breathing new life into old computers has been the exclusive domain of the Linux operating system because it demands little on computer hardware, has robust security such that you can eschew resource hungry anti-virus software, and most of all, because it is open source and free.

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The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 3)

At times it is time consuming trying to shift through tabs when you are not comfortable with running more than one Firefox window at a particular time. Firefox Showcase is an Add-on developed to display different tabs in the window of the main browser. Use press Ctrl + Alt +T to get a view of tabs individually and pick the one required after taking a quick glance at screen shot.

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The Most Important Add-ons of Firefox 3.5 (Part 2)

Web services are focusing aggressively about the cautions that you should follow at the time of choosing password. Remembering many passwords and finding it difficult to navigate the internet when you are logged out due to Cookies being refreshed are few big hassles that you may face when using internet. For such a problem Last Pass Password Manager is used where your passwords are stored and only one code allows the access to the rest. Stronger passwords can be created by you, with a single click log into your sites and can manage your data from more than one computers; all this is ensured by Last Pass. Sharing of logins with friends, using one time passwords and safe-guarding passwords so that other password managers are not able to store as in the case of online banking site – are some of the things that is possible when you use this add-on. All the data that pertains to security is encrypted locally so no need to worry about web snoops.

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