5 New Technologies to change the era

Do you also dream of that time when it would be possible for you to view the 3D movies at your home while drinking your cup of tea? Just imagine the situation where you suddenly tap on your gigabit-wireless-connected tablet, and then watch a 3D movie on the thin HDTV hanging somewhere on the wall with the help of super speedy USB connection and HD transmitter. It all appears to be a dream but soon it would be a reality.

Now, it would be possible for you to collect all information about the actors within few seconds with the help of reality contact lenses and a virtual keyboard. All this information would be visible in the form of a webpage that would be showing list of all actors with their movies and videos.

Now there will be no separation between speed and content. They will be paired consistently within mobiles, laptops, desktops, and various home-entertainment systems. It has been seen that new methods of using video specially those that include 3D depth or visual overlays require more speed, computational power and storage.

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