Android Gaming Software – The Must-Have for Mobile Phone Gaming Enthusiasts

There are new mobile gaming applications entering the market almost each single day. Android games for mobile phones are the in thing today since they were released into the market. They offer a platform akin to your computer such that sometimes you will think you are using your PC. One […]

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Be Safe With Your Android Malware Software

Customers who are using android malware software do not need to worry. A time like this was when a certain company advised malware customers are not on the safe side. According to the information released the company software especially the phones where infected with a virus. This scary information of […]

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Motorola’s New 2 GHz Android’s Powered Phone is Ready for the Future

The CEO of electronics giant Motorola recently announced news that is sure to send shivers amongst its competitors. Sanjay Jha, in a presentation made at Chicago, said that a 2GHz Android powered smartphone is in the works and should hit the markets before the year ends.

What made the announcement newsworthy is that current line of smartphones have specs that run at 1 GHz only, and this is true of products of other current market leaders which include the HTC’s EVO 4G and Apple’s iPhone 4. What Motorola anticipates is that with the increased power, not only those casual smartphone users will find the increased capabilities appealing but the businesses will as well, where there is a legitimate need for such power.

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Is Android Actually Succeeding The Windows?

Android is rapidly engulfing the mobile market at high pace. With the each passing day, the market share of android is surpassing others who were happily boasting of their reputation. Web is playing an important role to tout the handsets as well as the Android OS briskly. Android came in the market very swiftly in a very short time and now without making a single drop of racket, it has very well managed to penetrate deeply in the market. Since the android love has swallowed up geeks around, Windows Mobile is getting badly bashed up for being just a dated platform of smartphones. Critics all over the world are dishing out their fair criticism regarding the Windows Mobile realising that they have grown jaded now earlier being great enthusiasts.

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MOBILedit! Mobile phone control center

MOBILedit! Is ready to connect to various mobile phone platforms, what makes it really universal tool. MOBILedit supports a great number of brands and types, and can handle with devices that are not included in database of supported mobile phones yet!

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Multitouch Browsing Now On Droid

Verizon’s Droid made an explosion during its launch week and proved itself to be worthy. The handset can do extensive actions but there is still one prominent feature missing and that is multitouch browsing.

Handset without the multitouch function is really unusual because most of the other versions like European and Milestone recognize it. The reason behind American Droid’s lack of multitouch browsing is an unresolved issue but some implied that it is due to Apple’s exclusive rights to multitouch functionality and there are also some impressions about Android 2.0 applications not compatible with multitouch features.

The real reason behind the issue is not known but having the feature will certainly make the handset more favorable. And finally, all the waiting is over because today Droid absolutely considered having multitouch features.

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Better Movie Search on Google

If you are out of town and on-the-move with nothing but your mobile phone to entertain you, then don’t worry. Google has found a way to give you access to a movie search on the iPhone, Android Enabled device or the Palm WebOS, on which searching for movies will be child’s play.

Access your mobile browser, run a search for movies and then click on the option of more movies, this will update your interface and also display the movie synopsis, its trailer and the local venue it is playing at. The site will give you the review ratings, the category of the movie and some posters and models to admire.

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