keeping Your Wi-Fi Connection Exclusive via Anti-Wi-Fi Paint

It is never a good thing to install Wi-Fi in your home for your use only to find out that your neighbors have been able to hack it and mooch off your connection. The most cumbersome thing about it is they probably use it more than you and slow down your connection with their big downloads. Aside from this, you are faced with a real threat of compromised security within your own home. Solutions to this kind of problem remain limited and burdensome.

However, with the new Anti-Wi-Fi paint, your internet security issues may be solved sooner than you think. The Anti-Wi-Fi paint can be used on the walls of the rooms where you want the wireless connection to remain exclusive, and will keep the signal in that room and that room only. Seem impossible? The secret ingredient in the paint is the aluminum-iron oxide particles which basically reverberate suing the same Wi-Fi frequency and radio wave frequency, thus disallowing signals from passing through the layer of paint on your wall. Ultimately, nobody will be able to access you Wi-Fi signal at all from outside the room that is painted with Anti-Wi-Fi paint.

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