Apple Innovations Over the Years

With Steve Jobs’ comeback in 1998 to the Apple Company, he has only brought the company forward with his novel gadget ideas and innovative developments. With the recent release of the iPad, one cannot help but look back and see the different Apple products that have captured the world’s attention and brought Apple to the forefront of communications technology. With these revolutionary gadgets and technologies, people always look forward to what Apple will come up with the following year. Here is a timeline of the different Apple releases that have made waves through the years:

1998 – The Release of the iMac

This model was a hit because of the bright colors it came in, the great keyboards, and the monitors with a translucence that made it look trendy. The makeover had the younger crowds begging their parents to get them the iMac and offices mix and matching them with their furniture. It also introduced the use of USB sticks and ports instead of floppy disk drives. With this initial step, Apple was just starting a whole slew of innovations that would later have the world reeling.

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