The Apple Tablet Is Dead

The arrival of much awaited, Apple Tablet has been postponed by the manufacturers. It was just two days back when the morning news revealed of this. The company, Apple is pushed the release date even further, and have yet not disclosed the new one. Some experts say that this has been done as Apple is incorporating even more functionalities in it, hoping to sell it at around $2000. The more disheartening news is that a publishing company has even started making accessories and other product lines for this tablet, without even knowing whether the Apple Tablet is a reality or an illusion. Its time for us to accept that the future of tablet PCs have ended, for now- Apple Tablet, with “claimed” astonishing features is dead.

Baloney: the expensive Apple Tablet

The inside reports from Apple corporation say that the development of tablet has yet not ended and Apple is due to launch it in future. It has decided to add some new functionality in it, owing to which its release date will be delayed by over a period of six months. The scheduled to release in March, 2010, the Apple Tablet is being modified on the technical aspects. Apple will be removing some of the existing components and will also develop a back up tablet that can work as its substitute in capturing the market. It is destined to have 9.7 inches OLED screen. This will escort the primarily sought, 10.6 inches LCD screen product.

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