What has been in the News for Apple Lately

The week that passed was memorable indeed. From emails inviting all iPhone users to bring down AT&T, to the legions of faithful owners of Apple products, and to the mysterious Board of Directors of Apple, the stuff that has been attributed to them continues to amaze everyone. Apple is already so big that it has joined Microsoft in being one of IT world’s big, fat, and juicy targets. But stories such as the following three rumors have, at one time or another, been attested to be valid fact.

iPhone users to bring AT&T down

As a means of exacting revenge over AT&T providing insufficient bandwidth to iPhone users, an e-mail, said to originate from the depths of Apple’s engineering laboratories, was sent to thousands of owners of the slick smartphone. The e-mail urged all iPhone users to overwhelm AT&T’s network by running network heavy apps that will flood AT&T with thousands of simultaneous connection requests such that the phone company’s network servers will simply give up. Called Operation Chokehold, the plan of involving thousands of iPhone owners was meant to tell AT&T that people are fed up with the measly bandwidth and the insults the giant phone company has been saying to those complaining about the inadequacy of the network.

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