Blogs – Why People Use Them

When you want to know the reason of the increasing popularity of blogs and why people are increasingly making use of it, you should first try to know about what blogs actually are. It is a written publication of the thoughts of some person. It may be in the form of articles. You can actually term it as an outlet for any kind of the writing thought or endeavor. It can also be defined as a personal space for any person for expressing his ideas and thoughts about any thing. They can make use of written words in any manner that they like.

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Medical History Made Public On Facebook And Twitter

According to a survey of medical schools, patients of the student doctors are running a high risk of having their doctor-patient confidentiality breached. Young doctors-to-be are using Facebook and Twitter, and even blogs and YouTube, to illegally reveal details about their patients’ cases.

The Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that thirteen percent of those surveyed stated that their confidentiality had been violated, and sixty percent claimed that “unprofessional content” had been posted on the Web.

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