Malware Unleashed

The ‘always-on’ connection of the modern, high speed Internet is creating an environment conducive for spreading computer malware. Malware is generally defined as software inserted into computers causing harm to that computer or a system of computers. Computers infected with malware may be used in ways not intended by their owners.

There are many types of computer malware with varying degrees of malevolence. Listed below are some of the more common types of malware, how they are used by hackers and the severity of the attacks.

Adware – These are software designed to display or download advertisements. Adware is common on software downloaded from the internet. There is a limited time period when the software runs with all features enabled. Upon expiry of the free trial period, the user is advised to purchase the “full copy” of the software or else the program runs on “crippled mode”. Of course there is another way of enabling full functionality. The user simply allows the software to display advertisements.

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