About Google Chrome Operating System – Advantages

Google chrome is a new operating system that has been introduced by the Google. The Google has released this operating system as an “open source project as chromium operating system”. It is the reason that this operating system is developed with the cooperation of the community of open source. There are many advantages of using Google Chrome operating system.

The first advantage of the Google Chrome operating system is that this operating system is web-centric. All the programs as well as applications that you will use with this operating system will be only web applications. In this way, all the interaction that you will have with your computer will be only with the help of Google Chrome browser. Every application that you run on your computer will be run with browser and will run directly from internet. This operating system will give you rid of the conventional applications on your desktop. In this way, you will not be required to install any type of program on the computer. Neither you will be required to update these kinds of programs nor manage them.

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