Lavasoft announced “Ad-Aware Game Edition”

Lavasoft, makers of globally trusted Ad-Aware security software, announced the release of Ad-Aware Game Edition – a spin-off of its flagship product – aimed specifically to meet the needs of today’s online gamers and entertainment fans with real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, and technology designed to deliver online protection without interruptions or resource strain.

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How Safe is Your Computer, Even with Security Precautions?

How safe are you keeping your computer? Do you follow the religiously scheduled scans and Windows updates that all software and computer companies advise you to do? If you do, then you may think that you are in the clear, but recent findings have shown that no matter what you do, someone can still get into your computer system.

Data “leakage” is one attack on computer systems that has caught the eye of the technological world. With data leakage, whether or not your data is encrypted, if data is in actual use then accessibility to it opens up to outsiders. For instance, in terms of cached data, if you have your file opened up on your computer (decrypted) and are viewing or using it, and at the same time there are other programs that are open and working in the background, any of these programs could steal the information that you have on your opened cached data file.

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