Conficker and more. What we should be afraid of?

Permanent member Conficker strongly holds the first places in virus charts; another group of INF/Autorun fades on popularity.

Just like every month ESET Corporation published actual statistics of virus happening, so now we can take a closer look into a present virus romping. It became classics, that Conficker which carries on would keep all gold medals in imaginary malware Olympics for a couple of months now. In January Conficker won a first place with a 10% rate so each 10th infection keeps the name of Conficker.

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Most Recent Internet Explorer Bug Could Take on ‘Conficker’ Proportions

Recently, the Microsoft Company confirmed the existence of an Internet Explorer bug and is already working on a patch to deal with the problem. They have also recognized how the same bug could take on the proportions of the last Conficker attack.

AVG Technology’s chief research officer, Roger Thompson, stated that it may even be a bigger worm than Conficker and that the damages that it could cause once exploiting PC systems’ firewalls and exposes the system to the whole internet. Unlike Conficker which, when within a network, only then would do its damage.

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Conficker Is Down But Not Out

The much dreaded Conficker, which ruined many a sleep, has faded away completely from public memory. However, Trend Micro’s Malware Blog and Conficker statistics do not agree with this.

Conficker is a worm that grabbed the attention of the Netizens at the beginning of this year. It occupied much web space due to its high infection rate; part of it was just hype. After the much talked about April Fool’s Day threat went undetected, it slowly started losing its stranglehold on the web world. People started forgetting the ruckus created by Conficker.

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Trend Micro Anti-Virusing

Tread Micro has been rated as one of year 2008 Top 10 best anti-virus programs. Trend Micro anti virus is fully equipped to combat the current Conficker (An intimidating, sophisticated and a new kind of virus worm that no experts in the field can decode it) outbreak and it was said that almost every computers was infected by Conficker. The infamous creator of Conficker was suppose to give command to it on the first of April but it turns out the creator didn’t (or have other bigger plans).

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