The leader in vector editing software: CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5

In the market of graphic development software CorelDraw has kept his place intact for a good long time. It is easy for everyone to use, as it is not loaded with highly sophisticated tools, which intimidate the first time users? Though this is not as elaborate and specific as the turbo CAD and 3D Max, it still has many applications amongst the users. People who are not so much into the technical side of the development and modeling opt for this lighter software which provides enough option for people to carry out their designing pursuits. The range of people who use CorelDraw is wide due to this feature of its. The regular fashion designers and the communication designers are some of the most common users of this software. They are able to make their 2D designs and patters on this software. Unlike the turbo XCAD and 3D max, this can be considered to be a totally 2D medium, as there is not specification for the z coordinate. The 3D effect is given with the rendering and other tools of the 2D design development.

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