Looking at the Dell Wasabi PZ310 Printer

For gadget lovers everywhere who may just be looking for a fun and simple way to share picture-perfect moments, Dell has introduced a way to share photos with your friends on the spot, with a simple compact printer that is sure to take printing to places you never thought would be possible. This is none other than the Wasabi PZ310 printer.

At a mere 8oz, the tiny and relatively sleek design of the Wasabi printer makes it attractive but there are some drawbacks to the gadget. Despite its shortfalls and some similarities to the Polaroid PoGo printer however, it still has its perks. For starters, the printer is wireless which means that you can make prints just about anywhere and, with the option to reprint the last photo sent to it, each person can have their own copy in just a few minutes. The Wasabi printer fits perfectly in your hands (and depending on what you are wearing) your pocket, so travelling will always be a breeze.

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