The Rise of the E-Book Reader

The electronic book is now starting to make waves in today’s society as more people want to stay mobile, travel light, and conserve on materials. With the release of the e-book several years ago, it never quite caught on during the outset of its introduction, but with the increasing popularity in mobile gadgets, the e-book is finally getting the recognition and attention that it deserves.

Seven of the best e-book readers are now on the market for consumers to take their pick. These are the Astak EZ Reader PocketPro E-Book Reader; the Foxit eSlick E-Book Reader; the Interread Cool-ER E-Book Reader; the Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300) E-Book Reader; the Amazon Kindle 2 E-Book Reader; the Amazon Kindle 2 E-Book Reader; and the Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600) E-Book Reader.

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