Medical History Made Public On Facebook And Twitter

According to a survey of medical schools, patients of the student doctors are running a high risk of having their doctor-patient confidentiality breached. Young doctors-to-be are using Facebook and Twitter, and even blogs and YouTube, to illegally reveal details about their patients’ cases.

The Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that thirteen percent of those surveyed stated that their confidentiality had been violated, and sixty percent claimed that “unprofessional content” had been posted on the Web.

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Identity Hi-Jacking: On and Offline

People live their lives through their laptops and cell phones. It is the repository of memories and aspirations and for a sizeable number of individuals, a computer is their only link to the world. It is not unusual for someone to consider their computers as their most prized possession. When that prized possession gets lost or stolen, the burglar knows that the real value of the laptop is not the price of the laptop but something else buried in the computer’s hard drive.

The real value of our phones and computers lies in the information it contains, much so that anybody can assume another identity based on the facts that are stored in the computer’s hard drive. Identity theft is very much a fact of life nowadays and is a consequence of our ever increasing reliance on information.

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Facebook Just Got Lite!

The newest development from Facebook – Facebook Lite is accessible and it seems that it’s gaining great popularity. Although, it started as an application for users residing in countries with slowpoke internet connectivity, but after running a few beta trials in America, Facebook realized how American prefer the Lite version of Facebook and so, they decided to spread it internationally.

Being designed for slower internet connectivity, it loads faster. The HTML code is fully optimized in such a way that the browser won’t be processing too much code in order to sped up the loading pace. The Lite version has smaller and fewer pictures and advertisements.

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Canada stands up for privacy rights of Facebook users

The Canadians for once seem to have influenced changes on Facebook that’s going to benefit users worldwide. Applying their Canadian Privacy laws, Canada has had Facebook to take steps to counter the loopholes that compromise its user’s privacies. Here’s a list of alterations that we will soon be seeing being incorporated by Facebook and also other fixes that need attention.

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Unspoken Truths in the Philosophy of Technology

With the technology ever evolving into something new every day, there are certain truths that develop around the behavior and practices of people using this technology. There are unspoken rules that, when said out loud sound funny or even ridiculous, but they clearly strike at the heart of the matter.

For instance, as part of a bigger family, if you ever volunteer to fix a PC or laptop for a family member, there is no doubt that they will come back to you again and again for tech support! Sounds funny, but it is true! Here are more unspoken truths in the way of life that techies and non-techies alike can relate to:

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Attacks by Online Offenders Now Directed at Social Networks

Because of the kind of information that is stored in the databases of social networks like MySpace, Friendster, or Facebook, cyber-criminals have started targeting these social networks to obtain invaluable data. Authorities in cyber-crime are now warning users and social network managers about the potential threat of breaches in the confidential information of their clients.

Information that cyber hackers are aiming to retrieve are individuals’ phone numbers, addresses, full names, birthdates, and employment details that are actually posted on many of these social networking sites. Social networking sites attract thousands of people to join in and get in touch with old friends and family members, or even to make new friends. This is one of the biggest attractions for hackers now since these online communities offer a wealth of personal data which can be used for a variety of defrauding schemes.

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Facebook – Most Sought Online Site of Americans

Of late have you thought of the reason for spending so much time online by your friend or co-worker? The Nielsen Company has the answer to this question as it has an idea of what these people are up to.

Nielson Online in its report stated that people are spending more time on social networking site Facebook as compared to any other site on internet. The study shows that during June about 87.25 million U.S. users have visited Facebook from work and home and on an average each spent four hours, 39 minutes and 33 seconds on this site during the month, a figure of such a huge magnitude.

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Facebook Reaches A Landmark – 250 Million Users

Proceeding ahead and achieving yet another milestone, in its journey towards ruling the Internet is Facebook the social networking site which announced that it has reached 250 million people as users in just span of over three months from the time site had reached 200 million users. This announcement was made on the same day when Nielsen Co. reported that Facebook is the site where people spent more time than any site on internet.

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Is The Bandwidth Limitation In Future A Big Danger To Internet?

The era of free broadband has nearly come to an end

Is the future of digital Disneyland where one plays and work online at risk? The reason of such a question is broadband carriers will not be able to support it. The internet providing lots of things as free will to download has led more and more people going for downloading data in gigabytes at no cost. It is assumed that even if the capacity of broadband infrastructure is doubled or tripled there is no way to avoid abrupt stoppage of work.

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