Mozilla Firefox Updates

The latest updates of Mozilla foundation are currently available to the public. This is according to the changes done to some of the products of Mozilla. Some of the software that where changed include thunderbird that was change to version 3.1.8. It also updated Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6. All […]

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Firefox 3.6- Review Of A Promising Browser

Another improvement in the world of web browsing is soon to be experienced. The upcoming launch of Firefox 3.6 is a promising event and should be looked forward. While Google Chrome was dubbed as the fastest browser and Internet Explorer declining in the web browser market, Firefox 3.6 will surely have a good fight in the browser wars.

As soon as Mozilla launched a released candidate of Firefox 3.6 last Friday, January 09 many started testing its pace. I, on the other hand used old computers such as Dell 530S desktops to test the performance of the said browser. Here’s a review of Firefox 3.6 progress.

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Evolution Of Latest Web Browsers

Firefox – Released first in 2004

Firefox, the second position browser in terms of number of people using in this World has its root with Mozilla Application Suite. The creators of Firefox, Blake Ross and Dave Hyatt thought of browser carried around by multi-purpose suite and hence Phoenix previous name of Firefox was born. The name was changed to Firefox to avoid trademark infringement since Phoenix was the mane of BIOS manufacturer.

Firefox had a fine beginning, its feature set was highlighted in the media. Firefox released in 2004, Firefox came with a search bar built into menu bar. It also had pop-up blocker, built-in RSS reader, tabbed browsing, central download manager and was believed to be more secured than internet explorer as it did not supported ActiveX or VBScript. Firefox had a continue success as it supported extensions.

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