Speed Up IE8 With Google Plug-In

Computerworld has run tests on Internet Explorer, version 8, after the addition of the Chrome Frame plug-in available from Google. The test results demonstrate that IE8, with Chrome Frame, runs almost ten times faster than IE8 without Chrome Frame. IE8 handles JavaScript 9.6 faster with the addition of the plug-in.

To test and validate its results, Computerworld used the SunSpider Javascript program, running it three times on IE8 standing alone, and three times with the addition of the ChromeFrame plug-in. The scores were averaged to achieve the published results. The average score with the addition of ChromeFrame was equal to the scores of Google’s Chrome browser, proving that ChromeFrame can optimize any Internet Explorer program to the speed and efficiency of the actual Chrome browser.

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Is Another Operating System What the Technological World Needs Today?

Google Chrome OS – Faced with the release of a brand new operating system, the world looks forward to a different kind of change.

Google’s release of the Chrome web browser made many users believe that it was part of a much larger operating system in the making. With the recent reports that the Chrome operating system was actually being developed by Google, (and which may officially come out in the latter part of 2010) many are looking forward to it with mixed feelings. New concerns are coming out about how this new Chrome OS will differ from Google’s mobile open-source operating system, or if they will even differ at all.

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Google Chrome for Apple

The Google Chrome team is delivering on its promises to deliver Mac users a native version of the company’s browser. A developer version of Chrome for both Mac and Linux users was released last night, but Google doesn’t want you to download the software.

That’s right: Google doesn’t want everybody to start downloading this early version of Chrome for Mac, the latest prerelease edition, because it is incomplete. How incomplete? Read on as I give it a quick tour.
Get Acquainted

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