Google and the Strange Case of the Nexus One Smart Phone

The darling of the press that was the Google Nexus One smart phone suddenly became the goat when cold reality stepped in. Touted as the next big thing in mobility following the iPhone, the Android powered phone got cold disdain from the general public when they realized what they were not getting – namely genuine customer support, working 3G connectivity, reasonable termination fees, and for the developers, a promising operating system that is open to outside programmers for them to develop third party apps.

It was a different press that was all agog about the Nexus One one to two weeks ago. Because much of the phone was developed behind closed doors, a lot of the talk was a mix of fact and fiction. When the phone finally came out of the woods, all expectations came crashing down when Nexus One, as it turned out, was basically just a minor update to existing Android powered mobile devices. Google got a lot of hype when it was learned that everyone can buy the phone over the web, but that too came crashing down when it turned out that a contract between the user and the service provider, which is T-Mobile, had to be ironed out. In retrospect, selling the device over the web wasn’t so hot after all, everyone is doing it already.

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Google Finally Unveils Controversial Nexus One

Rumors of a Google phone in the offing initially emerged three years ago. After so much speculation as to the veracity of such tittle-tattle, the search giant has finally confirmed its existence and has unveiled Nexus One, Google’s very own mobile phone brand and design.

At the outset, it will only be available on T-Mobile’s network or unlocked in the U.S.; but Google said the mobile phone will soon be accessible from Verizon and Europe’s Vodafone, as well.

Consumers who are ready may now purchase the phone at, a recently set up Google Web page dedicated for this purpose. The package includes the phone cost of US$179 with a T-Mobile connection or unlocked at the price of US$530. Options for Verizon and Vodafone will most likely be available sometime in the first quarter, with expansion plans to include other carriers and international markets in the near future.

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Multitouch Browsing Now On Droid

Verizon’s Droid made an explosion during its launch week and proved itself to be worthy. The handset can do extensive actions but there is still one prominent feature missing and that is multitouch browsing.

Handset without the multitouch function is really unusual because most of the other versions like European and Milestone recognize it. The reason behind American Droid’s lack of multitouch browsing is an unresolved issue but some implied that it is due to Apple’s exclusive rights to multitouch functionality and there are also some impressions about Android 2.0 applications not compatible with multitouch features.

The real reason behind the issue is not known but having the feature will certainly make the handset more favorable. And finally, all the waiting is over because today Droid absolutely considered having multitouch features.

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Google Vice-President Marissa Mayer- The Perfect Search Engine

Google is doing about five improvements weekly that can be manifested in user interface. But we are not publicizing rank changes. Our rank modifications are done about twice a day. And it is surprising that some of our rivals do not perform regular changes with their rank functionality. The process includes regular adjustments to provide better results.

IDG News Service’s third question: What is Google’s semantic search status? You mentioned before that with the use of “brute force”, Google will be able to provide results with semantic approach even though it is really utilizing algorithmic presentations. So what is the approach that Google favored?

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The Google and TiVo Partnership

The news about Google and TiVo merging in a project is really not surprising. Many are wondering why this did not happen earlier, but finally Google and TiVo announced the partnership. Google is now given access with TiVo’s second by second television viewing data making television advertisements more accomplished compared to the past.

According to the deal TiVo’s participation will be anonymous and its purpose is to gather and accumulate data about viewers’ manners.

However, the purpose of allowing an advertiser to decide if the commercial is accomplishing its intention is quite remarkable.

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Google and the Collapse of Western Civilization

Due to all the legendary sources, the humanity today is under threat and on the verge of extinction, and the credit for this goes to Google. Our world has contracted around internet and as all the search engines are revolving us around it, just like a guide. All of them are fooling us, but maximum contribution comes from Google. With the passage of time, all of us will become3 dumb, start relying on Google and will gradually, not even try to scrabble our minds for an answer.

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Sidewiki’s Ups and Downs

On Wednesday, Google launched Sidewiki, a new comment subprogram. Using Sidewiki, users of Google Toolbar can post comment and discussion to any Web page they are drawn to. The comments appear in a sidebar column. Intimate

The release has sparked conflict, between those who view Sidewiki as a potentially valuable tool, and those who view it as Google reducing the value of web site content by, in essence, “outsourcing” comments to Google’s domain. Whatever the opinion, there is the additional caution of the perhaps-unmanageable hassle Google may endure in monitoring and administrating such a vast network.

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Speed Up IE8 With Google Plug-In

Computerworld has run tests on Internet Explorer, version 8, after the addition of the Chrome Frame plug-in available from Google. The test results demonstrate that IE8, with Chrome Frame, runs almost ten times faster than IE8 without Chrome Frame. IE8 handles JavaScript 9.6 faster with the addition of the plug-in.

To test and validate its results, Computerworld used the SunSpider Javascript program, running it three times on IE8 standing alone, and three times with the addition of the ChromeFrame plug-in. The scores were averaged to achieve the published results. The average score with the addition of ChromeFrame was equal to the scores of Google’s Chrome browser, proving that ChromeFrame can optimize any Internet Explorer program to the speed and efficiency of the actual Chrome browser.

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