JSP Hosting

Amongst many options available for website development, JSP hosting is considered as one of the most favored option by the developers. The ease of operating and managing the Java server pages makes it somewhat similar to ASP hosting or Active server pages hosting. Hence, for any novice it is easy to get confused between JSP and ASP hosting. Nevertheless, there are striking differences. JSP is a server-based language, where HTML and XML is integrated to the simple tag-side codes. The result is a platform independent, interactive and seemingly complex page. The platform free WebPages mean a lot, as the websites look similar on any screen irrespective of the platforms. The process becomes a lot easier when JSP-coded websites are posted on the JSP servlet hosting provider. JSP hosting gives the freedom to the web designers to combine the static & standard HTML code with the dynamically generated HTML. This is an improvement over most of the CGI programs, which require the web designers to develop the entire website in one program. JSP makes it possible to compose the static and the dynamic aspects of the site in a separate fashion. The flexibility achieved through this feature of JSP hosting allows the web designers to expand their creative thinking and results in a site, which is simple to develop yet seemingly complex in operation.

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