Third Quarter of 2009 Shows Increase in Intel Market Share

With the increasing competition in netbook and laptop sales by different companies, there has also been a corresponding rise in demands for microprocessor chips to run the system units. Laptop and netbook chips have been in high demand by over 22 percent when compared to 2008 orders. It is notable that the chips for mobile units, like netbooks and laptops, are ever-increasing while the chips for PC desktops and servers are decreasing.

At Mercury Research alone, up to 100 million units of PC processors were shipped in the third quarter of 2009, according to their principal analyst, Dean McCarron. The third quarter in 2009 was still higher than the record set in the third quarter in 2008.

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Intel’s Efforts To Save Big Bucks On Data Center Costs

Intel now has a goal of saving nearly $250 million in data center costs within the next eight years, according to a statement made Tuesday by a company executive. Diane Bryant, chief information officer for Intel, announced at an event that Intel has already halved the number of data servers used by the company, and Intel continues researching ways to consolidate further. At its height, 147 data centers were in use, whereas today’s number hovers near 70.

The four year refresh cycle for data center servers is one way that Intel plans to cut data center costs. The refresh cycle was initiated in 2007, and has already made a difference in Intel’s budget, according to Bryant. The costs of maintaining data centers include support, system maintenance, and cooling.

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Intel to officially show the next line of chips on IDF 2009

On the next Intel Developer Forum on September 22 to 24, the chip maker will exhibit the architecture of its latest and the first lineup of chips made using a 32 nanometer process. The Westmere lineup, scheduled for released in 2010, is intended to be the next line of CPUs for server, desktop and laptop computers.

Smaller, faster and consuming less power than the previous series of chips made using the 45 nanometer fabrication process, the initial release of Westmere series microprocessor features an integrated graphical processing unit (GPU). Aside from multiple core processor architecture, other details include a 4MB cache, an integrated memory controller and an ability to run two threads on each core.

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