Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite – Solid Performance at a Reasonable Price

Modern versions of security suites for computers must be able to deliver five essential services and these are virus protection, firewall, protection from spam, and protection from phishing. Of the many brands of security suites that are being sold, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite has been delivering the same consistent high quality protection for years already. Zone Alarm has been one of the pioneers in personal computer firewalls and if used properly, offers outstanding protection to threats and malware that are found online.

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Eset Smart Security 4: More than Adequate Protection and Ease of Use

Computing in today’s highly connected world demands that any user should protect themselves adequately from malicious threats that are out there in the wilds of the internet. In 2009 alone, more threats emanating from the internet were created by hackers compared to the combined output of the past 20 years. A class of software, popularly called security suites, offers a wide range of protection to computers and to their users. Aside from protecting the computer from unauthorized execution and changes to software, security suites, perhaps more importantly, protect user data from the prying eyes of outsiders.

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A Review of 2010’s F-Secure Internet Security Anti-Virus System

Upon the testing of a different slew of anti-virus systems that have made their way to the public market in 2010, a few have stood out. This review is on F-Secure Internet Security that made it to the market at a most affordable price of only fifty dollars. With a high performance in terms of detecting malware infections that were active on a computer, the accuracy made it up to 93 percent overall. Of the infections, as much as 53 percent was eradicated, which is pretty high when it is compared to the regular anti-virus suites out there.

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Find The Best Outsourcing Information Security

Information security is nothing new. But outsourcing information security is a new matter. As technology gets more complex, adapting to new changes can be a step forward.

One way to address security gaps is to outsource information security. With the benefits far outweighing the costs, one need not find it very difficult to justify the monetary costs of getting security systems.

There are various ways to protect information and information systems from unauthorized activities. Technical security products that offer antivirus, firewalls, and intrusion detection while technical security services like security event management, penetration testing, and incident response are must-have security solutions. But these are not enough.

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2GB of FREE File Back-Up From SugarSync

Kaspersky UK has another fantastic offer. Working in partnership with SugarSync, Kaspersky are offering 2GB of SugarSync file backup for FREE when any Kaspersky Internet Security product is purchased. Keep your computer safe from cyber threats and all your files backed up and in sync.

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